Voyage was pleased to finally hand over a beautiful all glass trophy to Romario Dale one of our finest young leaders from our 2015 programme. Romario was awarded with Excellence in recognition of his outstanding contributions whilst participating in our programme Young Leaders For Safer Cities. Romario never failed to demonstrate his talents and gifts for sports and holds the Voyage record for upside down press ups.

We look forward to seeing Romario at our SHLA programme in the autumn and watching Romario take his leadership skills to new heights.

Keep up the great work Romario and stay blessed.

The Voyage team wishes to thank the many local businesses that donated some of their fantastic products for us to issue as prizes for our graduate link up Barbecue taking place this Sunday at 1pm. Voyage received over 30 different items (from a huge organic basket, jewellery, fashionable clothes, accessories and Ghanaian chocolate) now being wrapped into 16 prizes for our raffle.

Special thanks to @DarkSugars, Utter, @bricklanebookshop , the Laden Show, @The_Grocery, One O Eight, @idriselba, Superdry, MAST and Kick for your support.

Voyages Chair (Dr Leroy Logan MBE) and CEO paid respects to Hackney Community College Principle Ian Ashman. Ian was given a fantastic wave goodbye at a celebration reception held at Hackney Community College for his tireless service to Hackney and further education. Ian was joined by his senior management team, students, Meg Hillier MP and other key note speakers who spoke highly about Ian’s contribution to the colleges impressive list of accolades.

Ian has been a wonderful supporter of our work at Voyage and we wish him well and even more success in his new role as president of the Association of Colleges. Keep up the great work Ian and we look forward to staying in touch.

Voyage is proud to announce and welcome two new recruits to our team this week. Esther Talabi and Ajoa Akuamoa are both from Brunel University and have been appointed to develop our Summer family event taking place at The Warren on the 21st August 2016 and our South Hackney Summer Scheme for our leadership graduates starting on the 8th to the 12th August 2016Please help us welcome Esther and Ajoa and if you wish to contact them simply click on their names and send them an email to say hello.

Voyage wishes to thank Catherine Davis and Khadijah Mohammad from Brunel University for doing such a great job behind the scenes promoting our programme to students and of course referring Esther and Ajoa to us this year. 

Our warmest regards and best thanks.

New Mayor of London

Voyage has written to our new Mayor of London to congratulate him on his amazing election victory and to thank him for gracing us at our Graduation event last December. We celebrated the evening with over 200 guests and an illustrious cast guest speakers such as Jennette Arnold OBE, Mr Addai (Grandfather of Marcel Addai), Kevin Iles (Chaucer Trust), Stephen Greenhalgh and compared by the Mighty Action Jackson. All sharing this momentous occasion with our graduate young leaders and their families.

Voyage looks forward to re-establishing relations with the Mayors Office and creating an exciting and unique partnership that makes London’s streets safer whilst creating exemplary and distinctive young leaders in the process. We salute you Sadiq.

Voyage is off to a specially devised Outward Bound leadership weekend in Aberdovey in Wales with 13 committed young leaders. Our young leaders will not only get to know about themselves, their peers and the stunning Welsh scenery they will also be designing and shaping our all new South Hackney Leadership Academys policies and programmes. We look forward to sharing their stories on our return. SHLA is launching in May 2016.

If you wish to sign up to our Young Leaders for Safer Cities Course 2019 and you are work with year 9 or year 10s, simply complete the sign up form below and you will be contacted by our helpful team. We typically offer a free workshop focusing on youth leadership, avoiding knife and violent crime and how to stay safe. We can also tailor our workshop to suit different challenges. We also like to encourage sign up to the scheme with teachers, parents and young people which is usually ran at the very end of the day.

We are open to visiting schools any time between October 2018 and March 2019 as our course starts in April and concludes in July 2019.

When in session ALL students are expected to attend Hackney Community College at 9am. We also send reminders for each sessions and we provide reports to parents and teachers on attendance and performance.

Hear what our Young leader say about the programme below.


Voyage wishes to thank Gail Babb, Michael Buffong and Christian from Talawa Theatre Company for coming along to an extra special session improving the presentation skills of our young leaders held on Wednesday 25th Oct. The Talawa Team took young leaders through a dramatic interactive presentation workshop session exploring body language, posture and voice. Talawa encouraged confidence, audience awareness and the importance of understanding the silent language of movement and communication without words. We look forward to creatively collaborating with Talawa in the future..
Thanks Talawaimages

Voyage wishes to express its deepest thanks to Symeon Brown (Channel 4)  for contributing to our taught session on use and understanding of the Media today. Symeon spoke about how the media informs our views, opinions and provides a platform for the telling of our own stories. Symeon powerfully reminded us that we are all gifted with the ability to tell stories and use the various forms of social media and technology to share these. With thanks and our blessings.


Theresa May’s comments about the lack of diversity in the police service are welcome. The home secretary was right to point out, in her speech at the National Black Police Association (NBPA) conference, that police ranks do not reflect the communities they serve. However, she must also recognise that when she points the finger at the police authorities she points the finger at herself – because as head of the Home Office, she is personally responsible. The public should know what she is doing to hold the Metropolitan police commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe, and the other chief constables to account.

At the moment in London, black and minority ethnic (BAME) officers make up 11.7% of the Metropolitan police but 40% of the city’s population. Officer numbers have risen only four percentage points since 2006. They also tend to stay in the lower ranks, which results in a classic “snowy peak” organisation.

The Macpherson inquiry was published in February 1999 and contained recommendations to address diversity performance indicators, setting recruitment, retention and progression targets that were bespoke to the BAME population of each force area. I was chairman of the NBPA at the time, and at an unprecedented chief officers’ conference in April 1999 I worked with Jack Straw, then home secretary, and his deputy, Paul Boateng, to help set these national indicators. Progress was monitored by the Home Office through the Stephen Lawrence steering group, which was chaired by Straw. This ensured diversity was a priority and race was kept on the agenda, by looking at the processes and practices at force level; highlighting good practice and rectifying where BAME officers were being held back or not operating on a level playing field.Unknown-1

Unfortunately, this momentum was greatly reduced when subsequent home secretaries – Charles Clarke, David Blunkett and Jacqui Smith – slowly eroded the potency of, and then completely disbanded, the Stephen Lawrence steering group, and chief officers were increasingly let off the hook from monitoring their own diversity indicators.

At the moment diversity is not seen as a priority, especially since 9/11 and the more recent budget cuts. In fact, chief officers are given carte blanche to monitor progress on recruitment, retention and progression without external scrutiny or sanctions from the Home Office, police and crime commissioners, or the College of Policing. This is like giving chief officers the opportunity to mark their own homework without accountability or transparency. It is no surprise that the police service is no closer to achieving a truly reflective organisation at all ranks.

I call on Theresa May to bring back diversity personal indicators, scrutiny by the Home Office, police and crime commissioners and/or the College of Policing, and sanctions. Chief officers must be held to account.

 This article was amended on 23 October 2015. It originally stated that the number of BAME officers in the Met “had stagnated … for over a decade, due to ethnic minorities being four times more likely to leave the service than their white counterparts”. In fact the rate has risen four percentage points since 2006.